Sellies Sale Fees

We don't charge listing fees. Isn't that awesome?
We're kind of like agents who only get paid if our clients get paid. In this scenario we're Jerry Maguire and you're Rod Tidwell.

Our fee is tiny, it's 2.5% per item. That's it. This is what people mean when they use the term "chump change."

We do not include shipping or taxes as part of the cost to garnish fees.
Don't worry, we leave that stuff out of the equation. Your shipping and taxes are your shipping and taxes, we don't touch 'em.

Still confused? Here's an example:

Example 1: Let's say you have a Justin Bieber t-shirt and for some unknown reason people want to buy it for $50. When you sell it, your fee will be $1.25 (2.5% of $50 is $1.25). Now that Justin Bieber shirt is someone else's problem.

Way too easy.

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